My first tile AWESOME!

This was my first attempt and tile. I love the GF got it on Friday and have been engraving, cutting. I’d stay up all night if I could.

Any suggestions though on how I can get an engraved surface instead of what looks like a score? Setting were
Speed: 300
Power: full
Focus: .25
LPI: 250 (I think)

I was trying for engrave but thought it’s my image. Someone told me on FB it looks like a score.


Whatever you call it, I like the result. Good color work.

Engraved versus outline comes down to your art and settings in the GF UI. This is a vector shape?

Also, these are non proofgrade settings (thanks for posting settings, that’s nice detail), so I’ll move it to the Beyond the manual category for you. (We’re not allowed to discuss non PG settings in MOAG.


Not sure what you mean. The primary visual difference between the two is that I would think of an engrave as a thicker line, although it doesn’t have to be. If your design is in vector format you can thicken the width of the stroke and then choose to engrave it. I’m not convinced you would want thicker lines with this design. Beautiful job by the way.


Thank you for moving! I am new and wanted to show my work ;)… I’ll get the hang of it.

It is a vector shape that I create from an image.

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OK cool, couple more bits of info so we can help you out:

What software do you use?

Do you have a pic (or description) of something like what you wanted it to look like?


Thank you I loved how it turned out. It was just a trying to get the paint in those little lines and wiping it away was aaarrg. Lol. Overall though I love it.


You’re way ahead of me. I’ve tried and failed to do detailed coloring work like you did. My tiles have a tendency to be one color or if two or more colors there is a good amount of physical separation between the colors.


Well I used Silhouette Studio to create. I thought it might be the line setting ;). Just needed it confirmed. I think my next flower tile in this series I’ll thicken up the line size just a little in some areas. To give more of an engraved or bolder look.

Thank you!

It took me a while over an hour, I started off with oil pens. Then added a bit of sharpe color. I worked from the inside out for the flowers. So some of the inside color would bleed into the outside.

The GF ignores line widths. You’d need to expand the stroke (terminology is software-dependent) to make the lines wider.


As the tile will never cut you can only do a line(cut/core), or cover an area (engrave) as all there is in the tile is a chipping out of the glaze, single lines usually show up sharply, while removing the glaze from an area looks more a mess. The alternative that works well is the dot dithering that makes tiny dots more and less crowded that can work like a newspaper photo with what appears as several shades of gray but that takes an image that is all those shades of gray.

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