My first try at engraving a pic

Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. I’m going to have to check out Gimp.

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You’re welcome!

Here is a link to get you through the basics and more with Inkscape.

It may feel daunting to learn new software, but the basics come pretty quickly. The time you spend will pay you back in spades!

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Gimp pays in forks I think, but if you worked in Corel they had Corel Draw that was vector and Corel Paint that was raster and if you still had the programs you could still use them though I don’t know about exporting in SVGs as I have no idea when that started. Corel draw focused more on filled vectors and stacking to make unwanted lines go away, which does not happen in SVGs and would make a mess.

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Corel does a decent job with SVGs - better memory management than Inkscape in fact. It also allows you to automatically save text as paths without having to convert them in the source file so you can still manipulate the text as text and re-save as SVG. I do most of my work in Corel for myself and only use Inkscape for teaching laser classes (VCarve for CNC milling class).

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Thank you! I saved it as a bookmark for easy reference. I appreciate you!

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I’m not sure I have CorelDraw anymore. I may still have the box hidden somewhere in my storeroom. I have a tendency to hold on to things for years, and then throw them out if I think “Oh, I haven’t used that in years, might as well get rid of it.” And then I find I wish I hadn’t! I’ll have to look.

I have Corel draw 2018. Haven’t needed to upgrade.

We’re starting to do the “get rid of it” thing to prep for moving. Came across this old Corel artifact.

29(!) CD ROMs of image files. :slightly_smiling_face:


Most computers don’t even have CD-Roms anymore! I actually have a separate CD drive I hook to my computer to access movies, music, etc. It’s a pain, but whatcha gonna do? :smiley:


Yeah I have one of those too.

It came with a book about 2" thick with thumbnails of all 600,000 images.

Now we have Google Images. Way easier to use. Although these were all licensed for commercial use.

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I started with Corel 3 and kept up for a long time, with each upgrade came 4 or so CDs with images that were different each time. I think I have one or more of those bulk things too. Many different sets of media and fonts.

Still disappointed that they gave up on 3d :anguished:

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