My first try with liquid clear coat epoxy

My first attempt with liquid epoxy. The clear started leaking out from under the project so i smeared down a layer of wax. This stopped almost all seeping, but left a foggy residue on the back of the project. I will try to sand it off with some fine grit sandpaper, but i dont think it will look as clear as the middle parts.

For the bee, i used the same clear epoxy for the wings, then mixed what i had left with some yellow, and black pigment for the stripes and body. I like how the bee turned out, even though the honeycomb did not turn out so well.

Its all experimentation so far, to see what i can and cannot do.


I suspect if you sand down the back it will get very foggy, but then if you put a super thin layer of epoxy over it, it will clear right up.


If the epoxy resin you used is similar to clear cast epoxy I used to use, you can sand with varying grades of sand paper and emery paper to get a smooth surface and then polish it to make it clear. I believe I used car polish once and it did a decent job once the surface was sanded properly.


Thanks for the ideas

This is such groovy project. Yay bees!

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I have used a lot of resin on jewelry projects and whenever I am filling something with an open back I use packing tape (as long as the bottom is a smooth surface and it forms a complete wall ie no other openings along the edges) Just place it on a sheet of packing tape, overlap strips if you need to. Then burnish the tape making sure it is sealed. You get a nice, smooth clear finish.

Here is a link to a decent. short youtube video that shows how on a metal open back bezel.:arrow_lower_left:

Open back resin pendant


Love the honeycomb, please keep us posted as to your adventure!