My First Weekend, Learning Little By Little

Had a fun weekend testing out various things on my :glowforge: Running through the sample Proofgrade materials and trying out the different engrave modes. And learning how to best prepare images and vectors.

Figured I’d share the little bits and pieces I produced so far.

A lot of what I have is related to a video game called SpyParty. I help out at their booth at PAX West in Seattle every year and I often bring something 3D Printed related to the game for all the other helpers. Going to try and one up myself with cool laser cut gifts this year.

First thing I did was test out depth map creation and the 3D engrave setting on draft board:

Next was the normal engrave on Walnut, came out quite good, though I imagine it will look better once I get my hands on some lighter woods:

Next, another engraving, this time on acrylic, this one came out looking fantastic. There are a few errant dots around the characters because of a background I didn’t bother to remove, since this was just a test anyway:

And then one more test of 3D Engrave, using one of the character models from the game, this time on walnut, using the manual settings to do 2 passes. Slowly getting the hang of this thing:

And then just for fun I engraved the logo of the company I work for onto acrylic. I did it in reverse so the top would be nice and flat so it could be used as a coaster (though it ended up being a bit large):

This machine is amazing, I definitely have some more learning to do but I am getting there. Got an order of more Proofgrade material on the way, so I’ll be busy for the foreseeable future.


Great first projects! (Glad to see you making up for lost time.) :grinning:

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Nice job!

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Wow, great first weekend!! Impressive.
Alas looks like our temps around Puget Sound will make it hard to run the GF, unless you’re in a room w/ A/C, expect to see it in the “cooling” mode often this week!


Wow, what a weekend!!! That SpyParty engraving is positively ghostly looking!

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I love watching your progression… I think it’s the same progression we all went through.

This is neat. Satisfying. I like it.
Oh, look. I just engraved something. And now I see where lighter woods would really make things pop.
I just learned something else. JPG compression can really screw things up. I’ll clean up my image next time.
Hey this thing is COOL! I made a thing I can show off to people!
DAMN!!! Do you see that?! I just did that!


This. :smile:




Wow. Queen Elizabeth has her own game piece?:rofl:

Super to see you jump into the deep end right away. Nice stuff. I’ll be waiting for some more of your amazing work!


A number of the characters (if not all) use real world people as a reference. Some more famous than others.

And I’ll certainly do my best with my future creations. I’ve got some cool stuff in mind, just have to do the hard part and translate what’s in my brain to a computer.

I gotta say, the community here is one of the best things about owning a :glowforge:. The cool protects posted here offer near endless inspiration, and all the tutorials and free designs aren’t too bad either.


Just entered the next phase, new material testing:


I agree, I think JPG compression artifacts accounts for quite a bit of the engraving weirdness we see sometimes. I :heart: PNGs.


She’s carrying cats instead of dogs now?

Now you need to buy a bigger beer mug. This is the problem with the glowforge - it leads to making additional purchases you hadn’t planned on making.


Off to a good start

Nice start … Glad you dove in and found the joy! It just gets better the more you learn.

Wonderful 3D engraves, especially considering it’s your first weekend! Can’t wait to see how weekend #2 shapes up.

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Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more from you!