My GF just detected non-PG material

I just threw a piece of Rowmark’s “poppy” (ColorHue line) into my GF, after just having cut GF’s fluorescent yellow - and the GFUI automatically switched from the yellow PG setting to their fluorescent pink. Definitely not complaining, but it’s not something I’ve seen it do before.

(the poppy color is a cool reddish orange, with clear plastic masking on it)


If you have a UV light, could you pass it over the material and see if there are any QR Codes on the material?

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Unfortunately I don’t know how that would be possible - there’s no software support for anything like that. Sounds cool though! :slight_smile:

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I was surprised when it happened, but I saw it switch from the yellow to the pink automatically. Weird but cool - however it happened!

Ghosts! :smile:

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Aww, I was hoping for a ninja release.

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It’s an undocumented “feature” that was introduced by a “rogue” programmer… :wink:

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they’re becoming self aware!