My GF Pro, Lumos Maxima!

Ordered my Pro on day two (Sep. 25, 2015), I received the e-mail asking if I wanted my forge on September 27, 2017. The shipping notification came on October 17, and I received it on October 18 (near Olympia, Washington). Luckily, the adjustable height desk I bought from Costco arrived the 17th. I figure the adjustable height will be helpful when I get the air filter since that’s a seven-inch difference ( With the desk at the lowest setting (25-inch high desk top) the lid of the GF is 33 inches from the ground.

Here’s the set up with ventilation going out a window.

Most of the setup time was making sure I followed the manual’s instructions to remove packaging. Wi-Fi connection was quick to establish but I had to give my forge a name. I’d thought about it before but was hesitant to commit. It said I could always change the name later so I went with my current favorite, Lumos Maxima. The GF ruler in Proofgrade maple only took seven minutes and looked great. Itching to try one of my own designs I whipped up a cake topper for myself since my birthday is October 28. Also in the maple, it engraved and cut in less than five minutes. From cutting open the box to holding finished items in less than an hour.

Best gift I have ever bought for myself!

Cake topper


How great!

I’ll be working this weekend, so I’ll say it now…


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So glad you had a smooth setup and got printing. Looking forward to seeing your creations here! Enjoy.

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Fantastico! You’re off to a wonderful start!

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That’s great–happy birthday!

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Awesome and congrats! So happy for you!

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Congratulations! It’s so nice to see new owners having fun. Happy birthday! You already got such an awesome gift.


Happy Pre Birthday!!!

and congrats on getting your Pro. I am looking forward to getting to post my pics. :slight_smile:

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Congrats! (The cake is not a lie!) Chuckle! :grinning:


Nice to see your table & set-up, you, and your cake topper! Know you’ll have a wonderful birthday … lasering all things!

Happy Birthday, early!

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Great! Your smile lights up the whole room :sunglasses: Enjoy your adventure, and Happy Birthday!

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Yes! I noticed this too :slight_smile:

Congrats and happy birthday @amylin1028

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Glad you got it and you’re all setup. Love the cake topper and Happy Birthday!