My Glowforge lid is really streaky

I just cleaned my glowforge for the first time, (super pleasing) and I started to try to wipe of the inside of the lid because it was really foggy and now it is really streaky. What do you use to clean the inside of the lid? i tried to use the Ziess cleaning wipes. Thanks!

Glass cleaner on a rag (NOT sprayed directly onto the inside of lid…)

I use Sprayway but anything should work fine. I also use microfiber cloths.

Of course, I just cleaned mine for the 3rd time I think, since 2017…


Almost all the wet content in the packaged “lens wipes” is often isopropyl alcohol. The downside to high IPA content is it evaporates instantly. By the time you reach the end of a wiping stroke, the starting end has dried up along with the dissolved grime – streaking. It otherwise does a great job at dissolving the stubborn wood resin.

I’ll only use a glass cleaner on rare occasion (laziness or nothing else within reach) but would rather avoid it all together. The ammonia over time harms plastics in some cases making it more brittle. The plastic jacket on the ribbon cables come to mind as precaution points.

I keep a small spray bottle of IPA diluted with tap water. Ratio isn’t crucial 1:1, 3:2, 2:1 … just some amount to slow the evaporation so that there’s enough time to wipe the area clean. Without that additional soapy component found in a glass cleaner, I also avoid the soap residue film that can also show up as streaking.


I use Hand Sanitizer everywhere but the lens wipes. Streaks are all the time a problem but if I come back with a clean dry cloth it picks up the streak without leaving new ones.

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Make sure not to wipe too quickly and accidentally snag the lid connectors or LEDs with the rag. A lot of sharp corners for the rag to catch on.


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