My GlowForge Pro arrived today

My GlowForge Pro arrived today. Two of the four handles were missing from the box, but the box was in otherwise good condition. I had no problems following the setup instructions. The only annoying part was that the vent hose clip was not the same style as referenced in the instructions and it didn’t want to cooperate when trying to attach it. The machine powered up and I printed the ruler without any issues. I did submit one support request because the web app shows that someone at owns my machine and that I am just a user (and I can’t name the machine, which I’m guessing is related).

For the curious, I received my email on 9/26 and the Proofgrade materials on 10/6, then UPS notified me yesterday morning of the impending delivery of the main unit today. (Side note: Being vegan, I was a bit dismayed at the inclusion of leather samples…)


@dan mentioned that they would be providing an option for people who are vegan. This was announced in the update where he announced a big delay and that orders would include free :proofgrade: materials.

Glowforge shipping date, beta releases, and bonus materials:


If the option for vegans ever came to fruition, I’m not aware of it. I wasn’t offered any choices other than “do you want your machine now or do you want to wait?”

The support request around machine ownership was resolved very quickly. It did require me to reset the machine and set up WiFi again, but I at least got to name the machine, and the end of the setup process offered tutorials that it did not offer before. (And another side note: everything that the first tutorial suggested is exactly what I did when I first set up the machine, including the material orientation and placement of the ruler design on the material. I had never seen the tutorial before, so my first exposure to it was after I printed the ruler.)


As a vegetarian, I’m also not interested in the leather. Perhaps this is a good time to set up some sort of exchange.


Support can help you rename it. Send an Email versus posting to the Problems and Support form category/

I already stated that I contacted support in my original post… and I posted a follow-up stating that they resolved the issue and I was able to name my machine.

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For everyone who sends me their leather, I will send them some broccoli. That seems fair.


Sounds good. 1/8" sheets of broccoli are my preference, but let me know what you’ve got.


Glad to hear you got your Pro! I will take your leather off your hands if you like.

I apologize. We actually went to a fair bit of effort to see if we could offer a vegan alternative package, but we could not.

And again for what was clearly a factory error, since that data is supposed to be cleared before shipment.

But I’m so glad you have it up and running - thank you for sharing!