My Glowforge Pro has arrived

This evening at around 5:00 pm Central Time “DeathBlossom” arrived! Can anybody guess where I got this name from?

w/ 3 handles still in place. You can see the one missing in the you can see it still received a little scarring during shipment on the bottom of the box.And like everyone else who has posted here is the obligatory founders ruler. Thank you to everyone one else for sharing their unboxings as through seeing the videos/pictures and downloading the manual early I was able to unbox, inspect for damages, and setup in approximately 15 minutes after removing the handles. Now that doesn’t include initial first print tutorials.


Thanks for sharing! I’m waiting on mine (pro order date of Sept 29, 2015), coming to Texas :slight_smile:

Update: PRO ARRIVED TODAY!! (11/1/2017)


Clearly The Last Starfighter. An excellent choice. “You have been chosen to defend the Frontier…”


Thank you. You are absolutely correct I choose it as it was a SciFi classic no one else had chosen to borrow a name from and you my fine Sir obviously know your SciFi movies.


What was your purchase date? Mine was Sept 30. Just got my proof grade materials today but no Pro laser.

I think that the proof grade is typically, generally, usually showing up about a week before the GF. Lots of qualifiers in that sentence, because it seems to vary quite a bit depending on region (and who knows what other criteria?).

Have you signed up for UPS My Choice? Doing so may help to get a better idea of when to expect your laser.


I ordered 9/27/2015 my proofgrade showed up about 2 weeks ago

Very excited for you!

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Great choice! Now you’re ready to take on the Kodan Armada…


‘The Last Starfighter’ of course.
Make sure that Zur and the Kodan Armada don’t find out!


Nice to hear you had a quick and easy set-up! Have an awesome weekend!


Welcome to you and DeathBlossom! Curious to see what you create next.

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I watched that movie over and over growing up! Huge fan of the name! Congratulations!!


I love that movie!!!..I recently shared it with my 12 year old (at the time). He was not impressed with the “shoddy weak CGI special effects”. So sad how kids are spoiled nowadays…lmao


True and what these kids today don’t realize is this was the first of it’s kind as in the 1980s (1984 Released) this movie is what started all the over the top CGI to become what CGI is today. For the time it had the largest special effects budget to purchase the computer system used, so I guess one way you could put it for your 12 year old is, by watching this movie they are paying homage to the originators of CGI he gets to enjoy today. Besides based on this movies “DeathBlossom” is the ultimate barrage of lasers in defense of the Frontier.


There are quite a few movies that helped accelerate CGI. I think back to Star Wars and what became Industrial Lights & Magic. It was fun to take a look back with this article:


No kidding, watch TRON, then the second one.

holy smokes the difference.

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IKR!! I don’t like a lot of the remakes or sequels after the years of movies but Tron was actually one of the really good ones. I loved that movie when it came out way back when. And I saw Star Wars when I was 11 years old in the theaters. The magic of that was that there was nothing like that around and that’s what made it so amazing. Kids nowadays are so spoiled they look at the old original Star Wars and scoff…lol