My glowforge table setup

So i went to Ikea and i wanted a kitchen cart called Flytta. Went to look for it only to find out they didnt have it in stock. I had seen a small desk called Alex as my secondary option because it had storage built into it but the downer was it had a small top which i didnt think would fit my GF. So i got the Alex and as i was walking back down the isle i noticed they had desk tops of different sizes it was the “Linnmon” table top. I figured ill screw it onto the Alex from the bottom. What a masterpice!! I mean masterpiece because my fiancee is glad to have her table back Lol. The Alex comes with wheels so its a mobile GF piece of furniture until I get the Air filter from GF!! Here are some pics as well as links to the Ikea products!!




That really looks nice. I’m using the Alex for my material storage and it works great.


That’s very similar to my setup, but I’m frustrated that I can’t really use the top drawer or get to the back of the drawers easily. I commissioned a steel frame with wheels and I will make my own drawers in there to have better acces to bigger materials.

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Looks great and close storage is always a plus. Nice merger for success.

Will have to be careful moving it until the drawers are full, maybe even after. Has a top heavy look to it.

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Nice. What are those round wood pieces in the drawer? Is that a cutting board or table tops?

I had a similar plan, but I super-sized it :slight_smile:

If I had it to do over again, I may have done 2 x Alex drawers and skipped the side ones, they’re just a 1/4" too narrow to hold a 12x20 piece of draftboard.


they are lazy susan’s from ikea.

it look s top heavy but i had turned the bottom desk upside down and screwed it in to the table top with six screws as well as making it be centered!!

How is this still working well for you? Have you found it to be stable enough? I’m thinking about building one of these as a starter table for my soon to be delivered Glowforge.

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