My Glowforge Talks to Dead People

A customer ordered 500 of these and this is the final batch. They make custom pro-grade Ouija boards and needed some of the little pointers tool/ cut out of Cherry. A little different gig than the motorcycle stuff that I make out of leather but although possible possessed, the money is the same.

On that note, this is about my 10th’ish production run of stuff on the GlowForge which in my shop has earned the title of, “Workhorse”… Really amazing how there have been no hardware or software issues of any kind. Now to clean the poor machine.


Very cool.

Without spilling details that would impact your business, would you be able to share any info on how you got hooked up with them?

Cool. I did not know there was such a thing.

Is there slogan, “For when only the best possession will do!”


Very cool design and very aptly named forge!

This particular customer owns a 1966 Harley Davidson Shovelhead and purchased one of my custom fuel tank panels, (Also made on Glowforge). I believe that his wife is into witchcraft. All that said, not sure if life can possibly get any cooler: Lasers, Vintage bikes, the underworld…


Very cool. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Their boards are pretty cool. Sort of SteamPunk like. Made of leather, brass and various hardwoods. I will ask their permission to share a photo here.