My GMC PD4106

This was my home for about 10 years as I traveled the country as a magazine editor.
Puzzle and box compliments of Glowforge


Friends of mine with a monster MH moved from SoCal two years ago, to a place in NV with a huge garage (3 bays, center is taller for a MH, even has a lift). In CA, the MH lived under a basic steel-framed shelter.

I wasn’t going to be the one to bring up “did you measure the garage”…

Yeah, 3’ too short. Cost something like $30k and took a year to get the thing extended so the MH fits inside. :rofl:


Nice puzzle and box.


What a fun way to remember. So I assume you are no longer living in it? I can’t imagine living in a bus or motor home for that long. We thought about it when we retired, but I just couldn’t downsize that much! And when I see people buy these “tiny homes,” I can’t understand why they don’t just buy a MH or bus conversion. Those are made so well already as far as storage, etc., instead of having to figure it all out. What an experience though, and to see so much of our country! Bet you have some tremendous memories.


Both of them are great! What good memories you must have.


:rofl: :joy:
measure twice, build; rinse repeat


one reason could be price. tiny homes can be much cheaper than an RV (where i grew up MH were the prefab trailers in MH parks.) and you can style it more your way.


True. I guess they are a lot less expensive.

When I worked at Lowe’s, I met, and often helped get his order together, a guy who was regularly featured on HGTV’s Tiny Homes. It was very interesting to find out he was actually local, and we’d even driven by where his construction site was on one of our drives. One of our customer service gals actually went to work for him. All I know is he spents LOTS of money at our store. He started shopping at a different Lowe’s for a while, as a different town offered him a great incentive to move his business there, but we provided better service for him, so even though he kept his business in the other town, he continues to get his orders filled here. Last I heard, he’d also received an order for 100 “park model” homes that were to be used on Douglas Lake. For those who don’t know about Tennessee, Douglas Lake (and also Cherokee Lake) is HUGE - over 44 sq miles. And I know park model homes are also very compact.


Ditto! We’ve upsized although we are tossing out decades worth of stuff we’ve accumulated over our lifetime. Mostly what we’re getting now is space to do what we enjoy doing without having to work around all the stuff or splitting things between garage, bike barn, basement, shed…it’ll all be under one roof (& climate controlled).


This is so undervalued, I know minimalism is a noble way of life but even just clearing out stuff you are storing is such a freeing feeling without needing to go that far.


Kid brother wanted to park my car in the garage once. It had a power clutch.
Soon as he eased off it pushed his foot back and he burned rubber 15 feet until the hood was poking out the back. I ran in to see if he was okay and he had already beat feet out the side door.
Anyway, my dad made a four foot deep extension back there, instead of a flat wall. Perfect for a few large tool boxes.
30k must have been the entire back wall, or things are way more expensive than I realize.


Nice way to store your memory. Your puzzle edges look very clean and look to have an excellent fit.


Ahh yes the memories.
All over the country and then when I got to Atlanta I found a woman who wanted to take care of me.
Sold the bus and have spent the last 20+ years teaching dancing, making pens and learning and having fun with GlowForge.


I used the GlowForge puzzle maker and Box-o-Matic for the box.
Been very pleased with both.