My headphone holder

Okay, I built this with CNC sometime back but I’d love to see it built with laser cuts. Tweak to your content and share what you did.

The wood should be 1/4", I used baltic birch. The holes as drawn are for 1/8 dowel but again, tweak as desired. Cut as many headband pieces as needed for your headphones.

This slips onto a wire shelf as shown, but of course, you can rework the mount as desired as well.
mountspacer.pdf (82.4 KB)
headphoneassimbly.pdf (88.3 KB)
mountplate.pdf (82.5 KB)
frontcap.pdf (152.5 KB)
spacer.pdf (82.8 KB)
plate.pdf (82.2 KB)

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EDIT: here is the fusion file in case someone is using fusion 360 and they’d like to tweak the design there.


Did you build the tube amp that is behind the headphones in the photo?

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I need to get some headphones! Cool design! :slight_smile:

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I’ve built 3 headphone stands now and still don’t have one for myself… lol great job on yours.


My son needs one…his usually end up on the floor…I think I’ll him make it and put designs on it…lol


Mine too are wadded up and left on the floor. Next trip to the laser shop, I will be making me one.


No, it is Chinese and came ready to go.

I love the practical intersection of something everyone needs with something that fits exactly your stuff and no one else’s.