My kid's laser cutter to-do list

As I’m sure is the case with many of you, the phrase "when we get the laser cutter, we can totally make that" has become sort of a running gag around my house. I think my wife is still dubious that the :glowforge: will ever materialize, but my two boys (4 and 6) are still full supporters. By way of proof, my very industrious six-year-old son came up with this list (on his own) the other day. His list is almost as long as mine!

It says:
Lazer Cuter [Cutter]

  1. Lazer Gun
  2. boardgames
  3. cut names
  5. make walats [wallets]
  6. tic tak toe
  7. treasure chest
  8. sword
  9. shield
  10. Helmets
  11. Armor
  12. An eyeball
  13. wire
  14. house
  15. A baloon [balloon]
  16. A iphone
  17. A cookie cuter [cutter]
  18. bed

an eyeball? LOL love it !! Actually similar to my own list (his having better penmanship…) :relaxed:


This is so helpful and inspiring. I can see a few things added to my list. What shape cookie cutter? I’ll design it for him and print it out to show.


I read number 15 as bacon…I have now added something else to my list. Please thank your son for the idea of what will be the best tasting bacon ever! (perhaps the longest cooked bacon too)


As we say around the office… “laser all the things”.


We have the exact thing happening at our house. I’m very curious how the laser made iPhone is going to stack up to the original. And I hope you have a pro with pass-through for that bed.


That’s great! Only a little overlap with my to-do list.

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That’s so cool! I think your very first project should be to engrave that list on a plaque so that you can hang it on the wall beside your :glowforge:!


Awesome list! :smile::+1:

great idea! The list is sooooo sweeeet!