My kitchen conversion chart

I’ve been wanting to do a “kitchen conversion” chart, but every one I see has the grams, etc. I personally don’t know of anyone who uses it unless they are someone who measures their ingredients instead of using measuring cups/spoons. So I left those off, added the “odd” cup measures - 3/4, 2/3, 1/3, and, because I now live in the South - added a stick of butter! I love it! Now the hard part - do I keep it or sell it? :rofl:


Keep the first for you, sell all the others. It’s handsome enough to be practical wall art in the kitchen.

I made a chart on a wood panel for a friend.; she keeps it in her kitchen. Visited over T’giving and helped her cook dinner. I referenced that chart a few times. Very handy thing to have at hand.


Such a handy thing to have around! (Of course, there will always be those who will advocate weighing everything) :wink:


Keep or let it go, that is aways hard for me too. If someone sees something I made and likes it, I usually give it to them because I know I can always make another.

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Take photos, keep it, sell duplicates.


I think you should treat yourself to this one! Nicely done.


Nice idea! I think I’ll make one too, I’m always looking up conversions on my phone.