My Laser-cut Wedding

I finally got my photos back from my August wedding and want to share some of my Laser-cut projects.

Our Ketubah is my favorite project. My Dad painted the background and type-set the copy and I designed the laser-cut layout. It’s so special to me.

Cake Topper:


National Park Table Signs:

Entry Sign:

Trailer Card Box:

I was hoping to laser cut this sign, but it was going to be very expensive to rent time for the engraving, but wanted to share anyway! I ended up cutting out a stencil on my silhouette and painting it.

And just for fun, our photo booth!:


Beautiful work! And good on you for problem solving the map sans laser time.

You gonna do weddings professionally once you’ve got your machine?


These are just super! Thanks for sharing.

I might add that all of these would be easy to do on the Glowforge right now. Do not confuse production issue delay with basic and advanced functionality.


Beautiful! (Particularly like how the Ketubah turned out.) :smiley:


Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing, and congrats! :slight_smile:


Wow!! Amazing!!!

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Everything looks so nice. I can see LOTS of planning went onto all of your work. Thank you for sharing. :grinning:

That’s all very lovely. Congratulations on starting the new journey!

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Very nice. How did you do the white lettering on the wood objects? I am guessing that you peeled away the protective mask in those areas, applied paint, and peeled off the rest after it dried?

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That is astonishing!


Wow! Just, wow!

That’s awesome! I was hoping to have our forge with enough time to do invitations with it, but that’s not happening anymore.

Would you be willing to share the Ketubah file? That’s beautiful!

I likes all of that! Now we’re back to why I like this forum so much! And, congratulations :smile: , of course!


Really beautiful. The ketubah is great (laser cutters were not accessible to mere mortals back when we got married - so had an artist custom paint it with some of the flowers actually being little things about us, but you have to look close). Those trees are really a stunning highlight.

Love the carlsbad caverns sign too.


Holy Moley! I don’t have enough adjectives for this! This is so amazing! Wow.
:heart_eyes: thanks for sharing with us!


That’s awesome! When my wife and I got married a few years ago we had some laser cut table numbers, a wedding album and a little ring bear robot.

Happy memories!

And congrats on the wedding!

-=- Terence


Love the caravan (trailer)!

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Wow so amazingly awesome!!

Love all of it :yum:

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For the large map, I used my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut out a stencil. I design it in illustrator full size, then split up into 12"x12" pages, cut, and connect them on the wood using a straight edge. It’s a little tricky to avoid paint from going underneath vinyl. I have to play with various types of vinyl for different surfaces so it sticks properly. Also important to use really opaque acrylic paint. I actually find pulling the vinyl off before the paint dries creates better results with less undercutting. It can be messy, but you just have to peel straight up.


These are absolutely delightful. I’m a calligrapher, and one of the things I’, looking forward to most is designing and selling lasercut ketuboh.