My laser thursday project

Nick has created an amazing design for a picture frame. It prints in less than five minutes, and you can fit two on a single 12x20 piece of material (with room to spare). I made some for my desk, and just printed two more for mothers’ day.

The first one has a nice figured walnut veneer; the second one’s just plain cherry.


Gorgeous! Would love to see the back, as it looks like they must have supports for use as desktop frames.


Is you plywood supplier able to provide various veneers already applied? Seems it would be really handy to have choices in finish layer of the plywood. It would be dimensionally stable as well as be a standard thickness (1/8”, 1/4”) so you don’t need to calculate the additional layer of veneer applied to the standard plywood when creating a laser project.

Lovely design!


Sweeet. Picture frames are one of the main things I hope to make. And those are beautiful moments captured…

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Nice design - very elegant in an understated way. Nick is going to be a good resource for GF owners.

All my aunts and female cousins want those right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s the back:


Aha! I knew it! Clever design.

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