My latest cuts

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, been super busy with my “real” job and working on a camper build to do much laser work.

I have recently made a few practical cuts for my Dad. He needed some acrylic rings to put around the different gauges and switches on their pontoon boat. Other than that, I made a simple memorial name plate to attach to an urn for a friend’s dog that recently passed on. I wasn’t about to engrave on the wooden box (urn) so I just used some PG veneer with the adhesive back and made the plate :slight_smile:

Don’t have any pictures, but, hope everyone is doing well!


Good to see you about :grin:


Life does indeed get in the way. Glad you’re doing ok … and maybe some time will free up in the fall. :grinning:


That veneer is great for making nice looking labels; I’ve done that a few times.


Having a real job really is a bummer…

That very much depends on what the job is :grin:

I like my job, it just really gets in the way of my having fun!

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The story of my life. :woozy_face: everything I do gets in the way of all the other things I want to do :confused:


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