My Little Pony Standees

Sorry for so many posts today – this is the first time in days I’ve actually had time to sit down and paint, so I tried to plow through as many works in progress as I could.

This was mostly a self-indulgent exercise, as I was frustrated that I couldn’t find the Hasbro “My Little Pony” re-releases in-stores, and people are jacking up the prices online. So I figured I’d make my own.

I found a good side view of a unicorn pose that I liked, made a vector of the outline, and then cut some triangles to brace it in the back (without showing in the front).

My husband thinks we should angle the back pieces by a degree or two so it won’t ti

p forward, and I’m inclined to agree, so I’ll modify that on the next go-round. (I’ll also give the back a finishing coat of paint at some point).

You can’t tell from the photos but the symbol is glittery, as well! Can’t wait to make one with a twinkle eye. :>

(And yes, I know I’m showing my age here).


Never too many posts… That isn’t a challenge for anyone either.


Cute little pony! :grinning:


Are you? Because I know plenty of adults who love My Little Pony, but my 11 year old is also a fan (although she’s outgrowing it a bit). I’m assuming you’re not 11… :wink:


Haha, you couldn’t pay me to go back to 11. :>

Probably better than half of the stuff we’ve made on the GF so far has been thanks to 80s nostalgia :smiley:



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Nice! Post away!

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