My Makerforge setup & first engraved cutting board. I engraved on a used cutting board & it came out pretty good. I tried to keep it simple



Looks lovely! :grinning:


Very Nice! Premium setup there too.


is your last name maker?!


Came out great!


Yes, Congrats on the engrave! Cutting boards are great and the color turned out good.

Just because I am a bit energetic tonight, and at the risk of being pedantic, I do have to ask, are we correct in assuming that the picture of the basket is what the one Maker possesses? Just trying to decipher the use of the apostrophe. Thank you.


Shaazaam! Nice board! Where did you get that cart upon which the laser sits?




I got the cart at Costco when they had a $100 off sale. I did see one similar at Harbor Freight for $299


Not just the basket but also the cutting board.


It’s the same as the Home Depot one ($299 46" tool cabinet - except on sale it’s $199) and I think Lowe’s has one like it too. The HD/Lowes ones are not stainless :slight_smile:


It’s pretty close to the one at home depot. My cabinet is a Trinity 46" Tool Cabinet & the casters are beefier.


I have the 5" casters. I ended up replacing a pair of them with additional locking/swiveling casters. The set that came with the HD one had 2 fixed and two swiveling/locking casters. Since I’ve got a Pro coming I wanted to be able to swing it out from the wall and rotate it so I could feed longer materials.