My Marvel Calendar

I did get an engrave on this. I don’t remember the steps I took. If I recall, I had to engrave the whole at a go.

You might be better off using Inventables Easel for creating the gcode. Easel is free to use and Easel Pro (V-bit feature) is free, but limited to 4 days a month. You could generate the gcode (at home) to use for the Carvey based on the size, speed, depth of cut and your material. This is what I would recommend doing. Just upload the gcode to the library machine via Easel. There is a Marvel thread at the Inventables forum for additional assistance too! :slight_smile:

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Here’s my version.

I have been asked to sell it a few times already. I say “Sorry, not for sale, it’s not my design… But if you buy a glowforge you can make one for yourself!”


@jbv What method did you use to change to an engrave? did you manually add fills to what you wanted dark or was there an easier method?

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I placed a filled circle behind the vector art in AI, ran a Pathfinder Divide operation, and then manually deleted the fill from all the areas I didn’t want engraved.


I’ts pretty bitchin’ art, but that Nick Fury looks waaay too much like Hasselhoff. We really don’t need to be reminded of that movie. :smile:


I’m trying to do the same in inkscape but can’t seem to figure out how. I added a filled circle vector on the bottom and I’ve tried all the path commands and I can’t seem to get any of them to cut through the bottom shape. Any inkscape experts, help?

Not I, but this might be the tutorial in question:

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I just got the GF yesterday and trying to absorb everything here. I love what you have done with the design to be better used with GF. Do you mind sharing the file?


I’m so glad you received it - welcome to the forum! Please take a quick look at the guidelines - we have a rule against asking designers to give their work away.

@Jules any chance you could look at this svg in inkscape and see why i can’t get the shapes to slice up the outside circle into shapes i can fill and then engrave like jbv? I started with your guide and thought i knew what to do but no luck. I ended up trying every path combination i could and still can’t seem to get the desired results. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

That file consists of a bunch of unfilled vector paths. If you want to engrave it, you first need to fill them all with a color of some kind, and then (at least in Illustrator), you would start subtracting to punch out the white areas from the black fill.

To make just the outside ring, it goes like this - select the second line in, fill it with white. Select the outermost circular line, fill it with black and make sure that it is placed underneath the white one. Then you use the Difference tool in Inkscape to subtract out the white from the black. (Creates a compound path.)

Any time you try to create something that has a punched out area (like a ring) you need to do that again using the two shapes that make up the ring. And you have to do it without deleting anything floating around in there, so you might have to lock everything else when you are working on a couple of the lines. (Not that sure what Inkscape requires.)

That is going to be a phenomenal amount of work. Is there a smaller file you can learn on? You’re really just performing the same steps over and over, but that is a huge file, and @jbv has had a lot of experience. He made that look easy, but it’s fairly advanced for a file that complex.

The secret is you have to subtract out the center of any ring, or any shapes that you do not want to be engraved, that are otherwise completely surrounded by a fill color.


I don’t see the original file so this may or may not apply, but a simpler solution is often to just rasterize the image. Then you get what you see - white areas are ignored, black areas are engraved.


Unfortunately won’t work with this one - the lines are unfilled.

Unless …you took it into Photoshop and just filled in the areas you wanted filled.
(@dan you’re a genius!)

Try that @scott_trahey! That will save you a BUNCH of time.


Thanks for looking at it Jules, I am going to make small sample file to figure out the technique. I really appreciate your time and advice for my questions and contributions to the entire community.

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Thanks Dan, I’m going to give that a shot.

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Hey Scott, he’s right on the money with that advice…I just rasterized the file and saved it as a jpeg, It’s a simple matter to use the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop (or any other raster program) to select the areas that you want to be black and just backfill them using the Alt or Control keys.

Here’s a copy of the jpeg for it, sized to hopefully fit on the artboard. Do you have Photoshop? (3.9 MB)


I’ve attached the DXF here. I originally created the file to be CNC machined but have also successfully used my GF to engrave it in 4 sections as it had to be broken up. I did the back of my iPad and turned out pretty good.

I’ve had over 15k unique downloads from my website and was truly a fun experience to inspire other to create. It was also cool to see so many different iterations made. I’m now working with the Stan Lee Foundation to produce a different one for a new character launch and fundraiser.


I tried to upload it but I do not see it, you can however download several file format versions from my website.

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Thanks again @Jules. I don’t have photoshop but I can use gimp.
And @kyle_emerick thanks for sharing your work!