My Marvel Calendar


I’ve decide to release the CAD files for this Marvel inspired piece I created. You can download them via my website or Thingiverse. Please tag me (@sandyeggocnc on Instagram) if you make it as I would love to see the various renditions that are made!


Five other formats can be downloaded here:

Yet another file that used to print but now will not print
Noobie Question?

Holy moly! Not only is this amazing, but you are sharing your work? What a feat. I think this would look great on the back of a phone case, or as a keychain, or or or…or anything! Saying great work is under appreciating what you’ve done.


Awesome design, and thanks for your generous share!


So that is amazing!


Nice portfolio of creations you’ve got :slight_smile: Jealous of the CNC in the Alex chair gallery :smile:


Awesome piece!


What an awesome birthday gift for you to share with us! Think it’s supposed to be the other way around! :smile:

Beautiful job on it, and happy birthday!


That is about 12 degrees of AWESOME! Love it.


That is simply amazing, and many thanks for sharing.


That. Is. Fantastic! And @kyle_emerick takes it to the next level!


Thank you so much for sharing! I’m going to surprise my best friend with this at his christmas party in a few weeks.


Here is an example of part of it printed on my GF. I used default settings for proof grade maple.


Wow, I saw this show up in one of my feeds. I didn’t realize it was a fellow glowforger!


I have inspiration for my next long-term project. Now to see what I can manage for the more artistic side with my less artistic abilities.


I would go on and on about how totally awesome that is - both the design and your willingness to share - but for some reason I can’t get my jaw up off the floor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Note: This file makes a perfect example how with scoring, small spaces and corners can get a LOT of extra juice from the laser. I can’t wait for :glowforge: to get that dialed in. In the meantime, I should probably stick to engraves, or at least thicker material like wood. Who’d have thought that 10 pews score would be too much?


Absolutely amazing. (The only thing that would make it better would be Groot.)


I am Groot?


Working on a couple derivative works. Will share pictures when done.


Groot is in there. Half his face in the upper left of the full design.