My MFNY Sign



As a GF “grantee” I wanted to make a nice sign, and since Harvard medical School rules require me to publicly disclose any non-governmental funding (especially if relates to a topic I am presenting on, which the GF will be) I decided to make a sign in :proofgrade: with an inlay of :proofgrade: veneer.

When I got to my material pile, decided to make it in cherry since that seemed classier… SO had to do a second job to correct the original design (a good demo of optical alignment). All done using the default :proofgrade: cherry ply settings.


Lovely! That will be a snazzy display booth. :grinning:

What are you making for give-aways?


Maybe I will make some colons… :grin:


Seriously we are going to be doing scheduled seminars (have my sound system), so not sure it’s a whole give away kind of booth (the whole medical maker area isn’t really that kind of thing). The main seminar with the GF will be “designing for rapid medical device manufacturing using the GLowforge”


Love the sign!! I think I will give credit to :glowforge: as well, thanks for the inspiration


Make sure to use the provided lofficial logo files (they are all online):


Beautiful! The maple veneer inlay almost looks like gold.




So, if someone walked away with a colon, would that be a… well, you know? :innocent:


A stolen colon? :thinking:


cryin’ shame.


Colectomy. ouch.


Or if he made a ton they would have to use a large freight truck… or a?


I have lived with a registered nurse for 39 years (why I’m still alive). When she starts tossing ‘ectomy’ around I know I wont have it for long.


Very nice!


Gorgeous! That will look nice at your booth.


Make livers, my girlfriend loves livers… (now I think that sounds weird)

If roster gods allow, I’ll go to the maker faire on Sunday!! :grinning:


Just think…you’ll most likely be the only guy there who is making pretend internal organs. What a showstopper!


This is very generous of you. I’ll have to come check this out in person :slight_smile:


That is a beautiful sign, I really like the cherry too!