My name is Bob, and I'm a knifemaker

Hello everyone, as you may have guessed, my name is Bob. I pre-ordered a Glowforge a couple months ago and occasionally pop in here to see what’s going on. I finally posted a comment in another thread and a few members asked to see some of the work that I do. I make handmade custom knives.

I strive to create useful, high quality pieces using unique and interesting materials. The thing about knifemaking that really appeals to me is that one can always add new skills and continue to evolve their art. For me, the handmade aspect of my knives is a critical piece; I will not use CNC technology to directly make or embelish any components of my knives. That said, I embrace technology and employ it in making tooling, fixtures, and other appliances that aid me in producing my knives.

I currently see about half a dozen applications in which I hope the Glowforge will enhance my knifemaking. I can see value in it for early prototyping, patternmaking, marketing and packaging to name a few. I think it looks like a great concept and see it as a gamechanger.

So, without further adieu, here are some examples of my work. You can see more on my website at

K07552-Ohlemann Bob-LowRes-538 by Bob, on Flickr

K075546-Ohlemann Bob-LowRes-475 by Bob, on Flickr

160328_Bob_Ohlemann_001_blue_web by Bob, on Flickr

POINT SEVEN001 by Bob, on Flickr


Beautiful work!!! Wow. Welcome to the forum!! I’m pumped to see what you do with your Glowforge


Those look fantastic! I’m glad you posted them.


Great work, thanks for sharing.


Those are gorgeous and so unique! :smiley:


Wow! Those are some amazing knives!
Is it too early to start my Christmas list?


Beautiful work. What process do you currently use for marking your blades with your name?


Beautiful work! Apex craftsmanship.
Do you do the metal fab as well?


Nice photos, too!


Awesome work. I love the attention to detail and constraint with the acid etching. I think the Glowforge will be awesome for making leather sheaths.


As a guy who can sharpen a knife and in a pinch maybe rescale one or grind a new tip I find your art truly impressive.


Not a knife aficionado, but certainly appreciate fine quality and good designs, not to mention the high skill level involved. Very beautiful work!



Wow, very nice work!!

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So, yes, I make everything except the screws…and occasionally I make the screws too. I use a myriad of different steels for the blades; three of the knives above feature a shallow hardening steel called W2 that I’ve heat treated using an ancient technique involving clay to produce a differential hardening. I also use a fair bit of Damascus or pattern welded steels. I also hand forge larger fixed blade knives such as hunters and bowies.

The makers mark is produced through electro-chemical etching by way of a custom stencil. Other materials on the knives I’ve shown above include Mammoth ivory, Desert Ironwood, Kevlar, carbon fiber, copper, titanium, zirconium, Timascus and Gibeon meteorite. There’s even a ruby set in one of them.

I am not currently taking any new orders but, Christmas in three or four years might be do-able.



I was just looking at your prices. 3 or 4 years might be how long it takes me to convince my wife. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, so impressed.

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Beeeeauuuutiful! Nice work, Bob!

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Most excellent!

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Wow. Incredible work…
Some of those are sick looking!
Excuse the slang but the adjective seemed appropriate :slight_smile:

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