My new designs and a bit of a Fusion 360 ramble

Hi All

A few weeks ago I posted about a Nespresso pod stand I made with the intent to start designing and selling files.

I was aiming to design something new every week as little challenge for myself. But things got busy and I didn’t get round to do anything for a few weeks, but I did make two new design this week to try and make up for it! (Even if they are very similar)

The first was a Apple Pencil stand (other pens also should fit).

I recently got some thicker 5mm clear acrylic and I really like the way it looks compared to 3mm I normally use. I think it add to it and makes it look a bit more premium.
I think having the wood base with the clear base on top, looks really cool.

I am a Product Designer in my day job and find when it comes to making anything that’s going to end up a 3D object its much easier for me to design it in 3D. I use fusion 360.

Its quite simple when you get you head around how the tools work and it very powerful for designing. I definitely recommend learning it if you are interested.

I then export the multiple faces for laser cutting into illustrator where I set up my SVG file and add graphics and things if I want to etch anything like my logo.

Using Fusion 360 allows me to make quick changes or even modify them to use for more designs. Using the pencil stand I was able to alter the base size and upstands to make a display stand for my switch.

In the real world It looks something like this.

Also a useful feature you can use in Fusion360 is to add expressions to your models (the feature is actually called Parameters in fusion). I use this tool for adding Kerf to my models.

So when I add material to the tabs to account for the lasers kerf, I can off set those faces by my expression “KERF” in the dimension box rather than typing a dimension in each the time where ever in the model I want to add kerf.

This also makes it much easier and faster to make changes in the future if I am wrong or change the material I am using for the design as this may have a different kerf value. All I need to do is just go into the expressions menu and update the kerf value and it will update everywhere in the model where the term “KERF” is used for a dimension.

Do many people use a 3D modeller like Fusion360 to design their laser cutting projects? I’m guessing most people would use 2D software like illustrator to design things but I think I’ve just been trained into thinking in 3D too much.

I was just going to post pictures of my latest design but got a bit carried away with a bit of the write up of my process. Let me know if it helped and maybe if you have anything in particular you want me to talk about I could do another post about fusion 360.

Anyway I hope some people find this post helpful or at least mildly interesting.


A few of us do… I find it fun now that I’m finally over the initial hump, but there’s definitely a learning curve that will dissuade many.


Great work! Keep trying to fit in as many designs as possible! And Fusion360n is a great tool! Love designing parametrically!


I started out using Inkscape but I got very frustrated because I am used to working with 3D models (I use CAD software on a daily basis). The whole 2D route was very hard for me to visualize my designs. I also switched over to Fusion360 and it is a major difference. I like making designs parametric and being able to see what the final product will look like. Not to mention the turn around time on generating the sketches, much faster for me.

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