My New Glowforge Table!

One of the advantages of having a talented engineer/woodworker for a father is you get beautiful custom furniture for your new Glowforge!

@rt72 started designing this long before my machine even arrived! It’s built out of Baltic birch, .75” thick for the main structure and .5” thick for the shelves. We cut them close to size, then he finished them off and drilled the shelf peg holes on his Shopbot.

Here’s a photo of the main structure. The lower right side is designed to hold 18”x24” materials for my Shopbot Desktop, the rest of the cubbies are 12”x24” for Glowforge materials. The two vertical slots are to hold jigs.

And here’s the finished piece in my shop with all of the shelves installed! (Dad even Shopbotted little slots for the shelf pegs so they nestle in snugly—so nice!)

Turns out I have a little more acrylic than I thought, once I got it all put in one place! :grinning:

And since there will be three Forges in the family, @rt72 built one for himself, and one for @Snowjax too! I’m feeling very spoiled, and very organized!


That looks beautiful! The only thing I would want is more countertop. I’ve got rolls of different size tape, and various rulers, and well, other crap, that I may use several time to get one project ready. I probably need to just organize my crap better. lol


We kept it to a small footprint because my shop is pretty small :slightly_smiling_face:…so what you can’t see in the photo is the desk right behind it on the other wall with my Shopbot. That’s where I keep my tape, calipers, etc.

I did get a few of the Hobby Holsters mentioned in another thread to put on my machine to keep some of those things closer by–they work really well!


Wow, what a well made and thoughtful gift!


This is the table that I wish I had built, instead of the Ikea hack. Great job on this!


I’m suddenly very jealous and sad that my stepdad the carpenter lives several states away :slightly_frowning_face:


How amazing!!! Beautiful!

In the end, we decided to move ours to the basement, which means material storage came upstairs. This is a beautiful piece that I’m sure you are going to love for years!


That’s Awesome! Really great job.


He did a great job of design! Perfect solution. :sunglasses:
I picked up a holster too, it works well to help keep the surface free of often used tools.
You are all set!


That looks great! Just a bit jealous. . . :grinning:

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Ikea hack? Do tell! I’m just now at the point of wanting to get a dedicated tabletop for my Glowforge (it has been sitting on my patio table up until now) and was trying to figure out my options. I’d love to be inspired by what you have done and found workable.

This post shows my table and some of the details of the build.

Scroll up and read the rest of that thread to see others that built similar tables. Most of them are based off an Ikea hack from Jonathan Fong

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That, is awesome. Love all of the storage!


And what does @rt72 do when there are scraps left over? Makes you a matching computer desk with more storage, of course!

Perfect little stand for my laptop! Going to laser a few storage boxes for the shelves for scraps and tools.

@snowjax will have to post her setup, since she just got some new tables to match hers too. All she’s missing now is…well…the Glowforge. :grinning:


LOL, I have the same problem only different. My dad with a HOST of tools is several states away. That means that instead of hey dad can I come over and use the ______ for a bit. it is Honey… gotta save up so I can buy a ________ so I can do _________.

lot more expensive this way. :frowning:

Though, I have to admit one goal of mine for revenues generated from Beamer is MORE TOOLS!!!

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I was the recipient of both tables shown by @mspricethelibrarian AND 2 beautiful work tables for my room. Look how lonely that GF table looks! I NEED my Glowforge!!! @rt72 did an AMAZING job on them!