My NEW Glowforge!


I couldn’t find the thread that spurred me on this quest, but here are ones to look at. I don’t think I doubled up jbv’s reply.

@jbv has a pretty awesome post in the second thread.


First stating that I have NOT seen a GF first hand in person…I am impressed with the design that @dan and the crew pursued much like an ipad or iPhone in that it seems simply elegant and intuitive in use and as we all know, (we’ll, I think so…ha!) that ultimately helped in the remarkable success of those products.


I tried the 41 piece Spirograph from thinkverse and there are so many nodes and points. This is taking forever to render on the glowforge app and I cannot even cut because the app is lagging. Any thoughts on this?

Any idea of how many total nodes (and actual SVG size)?