My own ventilation setup



Nice. Where did you get that window vent thing from? It looks nice!:grinning::+1:


Search for Honeywell Portable AC Sliding Glass Door Kit (A-4239-300-P)


Is the duct tape adapting from the 4" hose from the Glowforge to the 5" hole on the door kit? Or am I not finding the right kit?


is there a reason you put the vent at the top instead of at the bottom? you’re creating a longer vent run than you need to. you could probably have a run of less than 12" instead of one that’s more like 36".


I bought a 5"to 4" reducer


No reason. I thought it would be better on top. You are right. I might change it to the bottom.


You definitely want to put it on the bottom. The fan isn’t a jet engine and that vertical rise will create a lot of backpressure keeping exhaust from leaving the machine. All of the heavier particles will go right back into the forge and you’ll end up with a lot more soot, etc.