My Pet, Peeve

*Yes, I named my dog "peeve"

One of the things, that always has bother me about the GF, was the ability to
put items in a straight line, I would have to futz around, look at preview, open lid,
give it a nudge, close lid, wait for new bed scan, yadda yadda.

I tried using strips of plastic molding, but they could not lock straight on the crumb tray,
and one of the post was about hold down pins, and the idea was born,
they would be my line level, acting with the plastic strips…

Crumb 2
or Crumb Squared :slight_smile:

I use magnets on the flip side to hold the plastic strip close to the crumb tray


I like that. I just use some little spacer sticks that I align to the door or the sides of the tray, but it’s not very fancy. :sunglasses: :+1:


What seems like a simple solution is quite elegant. Thank you for sharing this.

So, what did you name your cat? :cat2:


I have a “Carpenter’s Square”, basically a piece of ~12ga flat Aluminum. The plastic edge of the crumb tray is high enough to “stop” the edge of the Square, and I just align the Square with the edge of the tray, and them align my object with the Square and then I remove the Square and do the print…


My cats name? I can’t post that here. . . . word police, and all…


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Yea, I have one of those, I kept worrying I would hit the laser tube, with it, or some other stupid thing, that made me a ‘touch’ concerned

Interesting post on several levels. First, whenever I hear “pet peeve” I always envision a nasty but harmless animal on a leash.

As to the actual content. I like your solution and hope that it works well for you. For myself I made calibrated Y rules and a calibrated t-square that works great for me. Allows not just squaring but accurate placement as well. It’s in the archives somewhere.


This is exactly what I do, too.

I found that by placing a full sheet of material and making a rectangle enlarged to the maximum possible and cutting that out I had a “T-Square” that I was able to rotate and print inch numbers and have that to measure any point,


I like your idea.
I like your pet’s name.
I like your humor.
So, this post is a solid A++ and 2 Thumbs Up.
:+1: :+1:

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