My Piece for a Local Museum Made on GF - Acrylic Painted Wood

I will be participating in my local museum’s “Scorched Souls” exhibition, about the Thomas Fire in Southern California.
I decided to use my Glowforge since Laserwolf creates with FIRE, and I wanted to share it with all of you!

More info about the process can be found here


Very nice!

By the way, since you are not discussing settings you are free to put this in the Made On A Glowforge category. It will probably get more views there.

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Thanks! I wasn’t sure how that worked.

Very nice work. Thank you for sharing the piece and your inspiration for it!

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Very thought provoking piece and desciption.

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What an artistically concise abstract of the devastation. Kudos and it quite beautiful in a haunting way.

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Wow! That is amazing!

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What a lovely piece! Has an oriental feel. (Bet they love it!) :grinning:

A few have said that it reminds them of Japanese wood block. That just makes me want to make real wood blocks!



This is beautiful, and your documentation is lovely to read. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for taking a look!