My Pro arrived!

The most beautiful sight is a big brown truck showing up at your driveway.

My Pro arrived today, early in fact as it was supposed to deliver Monday. I was up and running in the space of about half an hour.

No issues at all so far except after first turning it on, the app interface kept saying it was needing to cool down. I let that go for about 15 minutes but decided to just turn it off and back on. That did the trick and the head immediately began to calibrate. Of course, I made the requisite Founders Ruler!

My box was in decent shape, only missing one handle and another nearly coming out. I was surprised to see the ‘Forge inside the box through the handle’s “window”. I was expecting it to be bagged so as to protect it from any moisture or dust that might enter the box.

All in all it is packed securely. Zoom in the last photo. I shined a flashlight into the handle and the power switch and power plug port is exposed to the outside. That had me a little nervous as can just imagine liquid or dirt getting in there and contaminating things. @dan and team may want to consider wrapping or bagging the units. Imagine these getting delivered in rainy or snowy conditions?

My first “print” was super easy and a lot fun! I’m still getting the hang of the interface and best practices, but this thing is going to be a blast!



Congrats, and that’s a gorgeous sign!

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Great sign! I agree that a plastic bag around the unit could go a long way to protecting it from dirt and liquids in shipping especially when the shipper leaves it standing on it’s side.


Yay! :tada::tada::tada: Can’t wait to see what you make!

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Congratulations! Love your coaster! Nice design.

Great! Enjoy the adventure, you earned it. :sunglasses:


Oh. You are going to absolutely slay it with the Glowforge and your awesome leather skills. Congrats.

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Thanks man! I’d be slaughtering things tonight but I’ve encountered a cooling down process that has taken hours. Now the unit has been calibrating the head for 20 minutes. Hmmm…


Congrats! So Happy for you. Have fun!

Awesome! Glad you got it…and early, even better!
That right side looks like it took quite a beating in the box, but the unit appears to be ok?

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Thanks for the feedback - will pass that along. So glad you got it!

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Yes the unit is fine. They’re packed very well which is good because these boxes get abused.

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You’re welcome. Thanks for making a great machine. I’m glad I hung in there! :facepunch::grinning:


Great first project…Cant wait to see what else you create!! Congrats!:tada: