My pro is officially shipping

I finally got the email now let’s see how long it will take me to get it can’t wait.


This made me happier than seeing one arrive in a house, feels more real.


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I pick mine up Friday. I can’t wait.


:grinning: I wonder how many of us are going to choose that route after seeing @rubbersoul79’s glass shards picture?


I am guessing a LOT more folks will pickup after that experience.


When did you get a tracking to know that.

to know what? I got the tracking info from Glowforge. then I logged into UPS my choice and changed it to pick up at local depot.

Ok I got my email on the 21 when did they send the tracking number or is there a certain area I post to see the tracking number. I send then all my shipping address as soon they send me the email

I got my golden email on 10/30

proofgrade arrived 11/7

GF and crumbtray scheduled for this friday

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You’ll get a shipment from “Modus”, weighs about 14lbs and is the Proofgrade material bonus pack. That should arrive in a week or so.

A couple of weeks after that (on average although it might be longer) your Glowforge will show up. Sometimes you’ll get an email from the company before it arrives but if you’re close to Milpitas CA it may actually arrive before the email.

So, you can sign up at for UPS My Choice which will alert you when a shipment is created that is coming to you as well as its progress. That way you can be sure you know when it’s scheduled for delivery.


Official name is UPS My Choice. Being pedantic just because it helps to reassure you’re signing up for the right service :smiley:

I got the golden ticket email on 10/27 for my pro. Proofgrade showed up a week later. Mine still hasn’t shipped. If you go by the spreadsheet, they are averaging 27.6 days from the GT email to shipping.


Good catch. I’ve been signed up for years (no one is ever home to sign). I corrected my original post.

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When I signed up to ship this, I had them send it to shipping at work. Does that eliminate the option to use UPS My Choice to manage the shipping?

Yes. One thing you may be able to do is sign up for MyChoice, ship it to your house, and then change the delivery to work. But it’ll cost ya a few bucks.