My Pro Shields are here!

And UPS made sure to treat the box with their usual care.



Looks like they tried to fold it to fit in the mailbox.

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Oh great! :grinning:

Fortunately they’re not very fragile.

Cool! Another milestone!

I saw a UPS package show up the other day from Glowforge. Mine will be here tomorrow. I’m not sure that I’ll ever use them though…


I have to agree… I was sort of interested in them at first when I thought I had no use for the pass-through slot so I might as well block it up – and of course I was jealous of later Pro owners getting an accessory I didn’t have :slight_smile: But now that I’ve had the machine for a while, and I do occasionally use the pass-through, and it’s extra work to install and remove the shields, and some people seem to have reported problems with the garage door or head bumping into them, chances are I’ll just give them a test fit and then they’ll go into storage.

Still, I got first post on something, so I have that going for me. :man_shrugging:


Mine came yesterday too. I hadn’t remembered seeing anyone saying they’d received them post-machine-delivery, so that trickle must just be starting.

Mine arrived Tuesday in an unabused box. Haven’t opened it yet.

my proof stuff got here a week or so ago but not machine in sight yet. No email with tracking either.

Mine just arrived. No damage to the box or the shields.