My rolling table and window lined up perfectly! for a super simple, easy vent hook up!

I had these magnetic 4" vent pieces for another project and thought they might work perfect for this! It is super easy and fast to set it up and disconnect it… I only need to vent while it is use then I pull everything in and close the window… so now I just roll the table and disconnect the magnet. The set up is a tube out side connected to the wood. then on the inside of the wood is a magnetic vent adapter. Then the other half of the magnet and a fan is connected to the GF hole. I just pull the magnets apart and take the board in the window and close it! With the added fan it sucks a lot of the smoke out of the machine after the GF has stopped and it’s fan has turned off.


Nice job! I really like your rolling table. Could you please share where you purchased it and what they call it. It is exactly what I’m looking for.


Good planning!


Could be this one (or similar) on Amazon for $178

Thank you!! I was so sick of dealing with pulling a long hose in every time. I only connect it to outside when in use and then pull everything in and close the window… so it made it a pain… this is so quick and simple! I love it! here is the table… they have them on ebay for $130 sometimes… and Sams club also has them… I think amazon too… but more expensive on there.

Here is the magnetic Vent

and then here is the cheap little 4" fan that is connected between the magnet and the GF


Thank you for taking the time to find something similar. So you already had your table? My laser is sitting on a heavy duty oak table and the room doesn’t really have much extra room, but I’m thinking a table like that can be wheeled somewhere else when the grandson visits. Cindy

thank you for the table link! You’ve got a great set-up!!

Thank you! I was looking for a table I could easily move if I needed to for what ever reason! This one was perfect! and fit the GF with a little room on each side!

Global Industrial supply also has all the parts for making rolling tables/carts like that (and a few premade). That’s what I would have done if not for ikea.

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Just a FYI as it turns out the 10oz Folger plastic containers are just the right size to fit the 4" exhaust hose. Cut out the bottom and you have a quick disconnect or don’t and you have a cover for the hose.

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