My Second real Project

My next real project was a gift for my brother who is a Seattle Mairners fan and works on a farm. I modeled this in Solidworks and exported DWG files into my print process. It all came out much better than expected and he loves his birthday present. I didn’t use proofgrade, but regular 1/8 birch (REAL) plywood. Love the results! (I must say, when I received my “plywood” in the starter kit that was really hardboard covered in veneer, that was a huge disappointment. Call it what it is and I’d understand and accept it. But it is not plywood.) Anyway, a nice round puzzle in a nice round (4 layer) box with a locking lid and 3 tabs to hold it all together. I thought it was cool. :slight_smile:


I can see why…very nice gift! :grinning:

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Clever use of various cut lines.

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Thanks! Almost no waste in this one.

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Nice! Where did you get your real plywood from?:grinning::+1::glowforge:

“Real” plywood from Hobby Lobby, 12"X12" sheet (It’s on Amazon too.)