My shot glasses are 1 7/8 inches wide

Are my shot glasses too High to engrave. They are square… it keeps giving me the message to tall or to short. The crumb tray is removed. Laying down they measure 1 7/8 high on the floor of the Glowforge… I have used the auto focus also… the glass is covered with tape… Can someone please help me… what kind of settings do i use…? I’m getting really Frustrated…Help Please !!!

The short answer is that the surface being lasered must be within 0.5" of the bottom of the head. The longer answer, along with various examples / tutorials, can be found here:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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it says between

1 1/2 and 2…
Look at the picture…It says less than 2… Whats wrong then. I’m so confused…

Watch it focus, does the red dot hit your glass surface? If it misses, use set focus to be sure the laser hits the glass.


i have used the set focus feature… I put masking tape on the glass and saw the red dot using focus…

Have you cleaned your camera windows on the head lately?

I will try that… lets see what happens… Thanks i will try that…fingers crossed…

Oops, sorry, hadn’t had my coffee yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @evansd2 is on the right track!

It still says too high or too low… what material should i have it set on… there is nothing for glass just acrylic…??

The material setting doesn’t matter, since you’re going to use custom settings. There’s something about the material height it’s not liking. You could try setting it manually, by subtracting the honeycomb tray height from the shot glass height and inputting that value.

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Geek first off i want to thank you so much for your Awesome Christmas Ornament you gave us… It was a huge success… and i took no credit except for the painting… you are very talented for sure. Second thank you the measurements worked… it looks Awesome… Thanks so much for your help… plus Evans help also… You guys are such a Blessing to us Glowforgers.


You’re welcome. I’m glad we could help you figure it out!

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