My Son-in-law wanted a Gloomhaven Mat

He sent me a few examples of the layouts he wanted. I tried to put my own spin on it, though it is very similar to one of the ones he sent me. Draftboard base with Cherry Ply top layer. The only graphic I ended up not liking was the “loot bag”. In hindsight, I would probably just choose one of the premium clip-art bags instead.


And no laughing at my Hershey Kisses jammies.


Love the jammies, and I hope you are fully recovered.


I feel okay. Had to return to work yesterday, as my “quarantine period” had ended. Thought it was kinda dumb…go back for one day and then off until Jan 4 anyway.


So… I’m not the only one? We live ~1 hour from Hershey. So we go to Hershey Park every year. The souvenir shop has it all. So, yeah… I’ve got the Hershey’s PJs. :slight_smile: Also, I can highly recommend the Hershey’s Chocolate candle. I mean… It makes your whole damn house smell like chocolate. The only bad part about that is in the back of your mind you keep waiting for the timer to go off for the fresh-baked cookies… but then you keep remembering… there are no cookies. :slight_smile:

As for Gloomhaven. Damn! I keep coming this close to buying it. Especially when the creepy Amazon people say “Pssst! We know you want Gloomhaven. Buy it today and you’ll get 20% off!” But, I’ve yet to press that “priciest boardgame ever” button.


OK, since you are that close to Hersey I have a question. Do they still give tours of the chocolate factory (outside of current conditions). Went when I was a little kid and loved that smell…

Absolutely. Personally, I love the tour. Actually, I kinda like the walls of posted facts/history while you’re in line for the tour even more. Like, I love knowing that the Kit-Kat bar was named after Milton Hershey’s Wife Catherine, who was called “Kitty.” These are the useless bits of information I like to store in long-term memory where I should be storing the long list of “You do need to learn these things. They’ll be useful later in life.”


Thank you very much, we are planning trip for next summer and I want to go see it again.

Have a great Holiday…


cuz… you know… you could end up a contestant on jeopardy some day.


Why couldn’t you have mentioned this just a few days ago?:smiling_face_with_tear: would be a perfect Xmas gift for my wife.