My Special Treasures trinket box

This is a prototype of a trinket box that I will be selling at a craft fair in June, which will be the first show where I will be showcasing products that I made on the Glowforge. The base is made of maple plywood and the lid is made from walnut plywood.

It’s still a work in progress. I may swap out the suede pull for a small knob of some sort, and I’m thinking about painting the leaves on the lid. I’m also going to be attaching an inner part on the lid in order to keep it from sliding off the box.


Very pretty! I am sure it will be a popular item!


Nice looking box. I hope you are successful in June.


Very nice!

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And you say you are no good at boxes…

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Holy cow that one single box was hours of blood, sweat and WTFs. Once I finally got it figured out the design took really no time at all. I spent around 8 hours from start to finish getting this box figured out.

Kerf is still a fickle, fickle mistress - I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around that one! I love the idea of not having to glue the joints, because my gluing skills are messy at best.


Join the club! I’ve been working at stuff like that since I got my Glowforge in 2017. Great fun, though.


We are always improving on our past projects. Keep up improving.