My story

Hi friends

We have been together for more than two years now.
Many of us have shared their story.
Many of us have already set up a place for the GF, and some still do not believe in the fact that thay will have GF in near future.
I want to share with you mi story)

My wife and I ordered our GF in a 30 day campaign.
Much of the money had to be borrowed from relatives, but we hoped to make money quickly. The time went by, and the timing of the GF’s output was carried away every time.
We expected to start our own business and organize a mini shop (in Lviv, Ukraine)
Plans are good, but we want to eat every day.
I am engaged in restoring and protecting concrete structures and my wife organizes business events.
In my work (the magic of the world of concrete/The “Peppa pig” cartoon) there were not many interesting

The work of my wife are more interesting - she was in the team of organizers of Eurodogshow 2017, in Kyiv.

In our free time, we do some handmade things.
I’m making the nozzle for the fan (Stable flow rate. Reduced flow hole - Reduced flow temperature. The air conditioner is from the fan)

Vertical garden (not finished)

Solar heating system for $ 50 (When was 28C outside – mi system make 72,2C, without cover)
Not finished(((
I will do more foto after the and of experiments)))

Mi wife makes more beautiful things
Lamp on the kitchen

Lamp in the children’s room

Christmas decorations

Lady and the Trump toys

And mi favorite - handmade juvelery

At family gathering it was decided that time has come and we need to do something immediately!
Choose a place for the store. Created a business plan. We have determined how much money we still need. We decide to sale jewelry.
But in our country handmade is not popular (((Most want gold or silver juvelery.

And we want to ask you advice - would you buy handmade jewelry for yourself or your loved one?
You can help us to prepare for GF arrives, then immediately start the store (we are in Eastern Europe and not in the first line in the list)?
If you interested some - write me

Welcome to Ukraine)))))


Hi @ativanvl, your wife’s jewelry bead work is beautiful! That kind of hand work is more precious than commercially prepared gold. Those are going to sell extremely well. :grinning:


you are right)))
These works are just amazing to me!
I would like to show them to the whole world (what I am trying to do now)!!!

The jewelry set we sell for $ 70
After a few days I will show a set with red poppies and set for a business dress!!!
They are extremely cool!!!


Those are lovely beaded pieces! The necklets look like bead crochet (I have done simple bead crochet and it can be very challenging!) and the bracelets look like bead loom items. If you have not already done so, you might look into Etsy as a selling marketplace–it has a worldwide reach. Look up “bead crochet” and “loomed beaded bracelets” on Etsy to get an idea of what the normal price ranges are.


I loved that :slight_smile:

Those things are so beautiful! The GF is only going to make it easier and faster!

I love knowing that you will be SO successful! I can’t wait to see what things you and your wife will do with it!

I hope it arrives very VERY soon!


Thanks for advice)))

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Thank you)
Ihope you will have your succes to)))


We are all going to be successful with this potential!!!

Maybe we should all start negotiating professional discounts with each other.

LOL, or did I already miss that part snaps fingers in frustration

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I think you right!

For all of GF comuniti is a special price


The hot-air-balloon lamp is a lot of fun!


As a Makarewicz, I feel very close to my Ukrainian cousins from across the border from where my grandpa came in Poland. I know there are many with my name in Lviv.

I bought some similar beaded jewelry in Mexico a few months ago and it was very much appreciated as a gift.

I note that gold and silver are not the most predominant jewelry that the folks I know wear. Usually it has an interesting shape or is colorful and unique. Being hand made by someone you know or have met is always a positive thing.

I’m hoping you get a Glowforge in the next few weeks or at least before Christmas. You and your wife’s creativity will certainly use the potential of the Glowforge.

Thanks for posting.


Both of you have some nice items there.

I always prefer to buy my wife gifts that are hand made including jewelry (her favorite gift).

I visited Kharkov, Ukraine, many years ago and over the past couple years, thanks to Facebook, I’m back in contact with some friends I made there.

Good luck with your shop.


Welcome! And thanks for sharing the background!
All of the waiting you did is going to pay off big time! :sunglasses:

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You are both very talented. Thank you for sharing your story.

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When you will be in Lviv or Kyiv - Welcome

Thank you for good comment)))

Thank you and welcome)