My take on a Retro Pi case

I’ve now got a few Raspberry Pi kicking around, so like others I was going to also make an arcade machine style case for housing it. But more to the point, I wanted to make something that would almost be more of a scale model for my office desk that happened to be playable, and store an Xbox or Playstation controller within itself to keep things tidy.

I’m still tweaking the look of it and haven’t made it suitable for assembly just yet, but I figured I’d post it since it’s a slow weekend. I based it off a 7" screen and 2.5" speakers I plan to use for sound.

(Ignore the strange fractional imperial measurements; I’m actually working in millimeters)


Nice design!
Im also building one and I just got all the supplies, just waiting on the cnc and I have to get the design finished.

I really like your design with the arm rests on the side

Thanks! Are you making a tabletop or full-size cabinet?

Although I’m not sure I’d call them arm rests, they’re purely for aesthetic value (I always loved the two-person layout of cabinets). There probably won’t be any real controls on it, but I’m putting in RGB LEDs for the headboard and probably some light pipes on the console for effect… but it could probably fit buttons if I put in the effort.

A mini!
I got a 10" screen
Santa Buttons and joystick and controller, just gotta get the box designed and built now :slight_smile: its exciting. Im more excited to show it to my niece when its done as she doesn’t know what a arcade machine is.


@dan_berry, great project. Are you going to add external joystick or make an awesome scaled down joystick for added challenge?

Hah… no scaled down joystick for me, I don’t think. I’m still keeping it open as an option, as @takitus was kind enough to point me in the direction of some good sources for arcade-quality buttons and sticks. But I think the console of it will possibly be too small, as it’s currently designed.

I’ll be tweaking the design so it supports a console joystick (wireless or wired), with hidden storage in the bottom half. That way it can just sit pretty on my desk as a standalone ‘cabinet’ when not in use.

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