My Vent Solution

I’ve been trying to figure out a venting solution, now that I have started cutting wood and acrylic.

We have an old dog door so I decided to make a quick disconnect for the hose in order to vent it to the outside. I made these three pieces out of draftboard, glued them together, and attached them to where the old flap used to be. The 6" hose has a backflow preventer and then a flange attached. The flange slides easily into the slot and lines up perfectly. It works really well and is reasonably air-tight.


I made a variation (not pictured) which is attached under the table the glowforge sits on so the hose can be secured out of the way when not in use.

Just thought I’d share.


Very nice! The dog door solution is a good one - I bet folks who still use their doors might be able to work with that too…they’ll just have to pay attention to the pup’s requests while their forging :slight_smile:


Clever way to vent! Looks nice too.

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Wonderful way to securely vent out acrylic fumes! I like the simple gate design.

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