My ventilation setup

Inspired by many of the creative folks on the :glowforge: forums, I set out to make a quick-change ventilation. I needed to replace this piece of junk since it let a lot of smoke back in:

Enough of that. I wanted something I could quickly swap out without opening and closing the window all the time. A gate perhaps? Seems too thin to prevent cold air from entering. I wanted magnets and a plug or cap of sorts. The good folks at MagVent (Magvent Dryer Vent — MV-Flex - Magnetic Dryer Vent | Dryer Vent Hose Replacement) were pretty receptive to the idea of selling me 1.5 units:

You see where this is going right? I’ll get right to it:

The cap alone:

The cap was an interesting build. The wood I used for a grip ring was 0.43" thick, took 6 passes of full power at 100 zooms. It’s charred to heck! After the first 3 passes, I adjusted the focus height to 0.2" just to get through. It almost cut all the way through after all that. Finished it up with a knife. I haven’t decided how to finish that part yet.

Pretty happy with it all. 2" of insulation, 1.5" of wood for the window piece, 1" of insulation and 2" of wood for the cap.

I used their logo, but I don’t work for them, or even know them, was just happy with the product. It was either that, or the :glowforge: logo. It needed something.


Forgot this one too:


Elegant solution! Looks great too!

Very interesting. I like being able to swap out the cap for the hose. Much cleaner switch than my cobbled together thing I’m still using from delivery day.

Pro solution there. :sunglasses:

I hear you about opening and closing the window, Great solution.

Oh yeah, security solution until I put together something better:


It looks great! Wondering how well it seals against smoke and odor…

Pretty darn well! I only smelled a little after using my 'forge all day. It’ll be even better once I figure out a good seal for the window bottom.

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