My very first project


Hello GF folks!
Over 2 years of waiting and finally comes my GF to the heart of EU (means Czech Rep.)
I would like to proudly share my very first “calibration projects” :slight_smile:

It is set for cleaning genuine leather based on natural bees products. (bees wax, hard wood, horsehair and honest handmade)


I’m so happy you got you GF and are making amazing things with it! These are wonderful and I really love the bee logo.


Very professional looking. :+1::+1:t3:


Wow, what lovely packaging for such a special product! I’m sure you’ll have some very happy customers! :+1:


Those look great! Beautiful logo!


Beautiful packages and labels! :grinning:


Ooooo, very nice! That’s a lovely logo. Maybe with the Glowforge you can put the logo on some of the items in the kit, like the wooden handles, if they are not too thick.


thank you all :slight_smile:


Very elegant!


Beautiful logo! Beautiful presentation for your product!


You must bee very proud of yourself! :slight_smile: This is quite a practical and sleek design.


The beautiful packaging adds value to your wonderful products. I’m imptessed.


What a wonderful job you did for your product packaging…nice and simple, yet so functional. You must be very excited to finally begin making things with your new machine. Congratulations!