Mylar stencil cutout

I have been given a company logo and asked to make a stencil out of it. However when uploading into the Glowforge I am unable to CUT the logo out. Is anyone able to tell me what I am missing to make this happen?

What format is the logo? Most of the time they are bitmaps which can only be engraved. It has to be a vector to cut.

They have sent me a PDF, PNG , JPG. Could I just use a conversion to switch the format?

Use whatever bitmap trace function your design software has.

Perfect, thanks I was able to do that. Now I’m wondering if there is even a way to keep the middle of the A, O, R, B, D. When its engraving its popping them out since the they arent attached to the actually letter. Hope I’m making sense explaining this. haha

You can change their logo to use a stencil font. You could change the name of the company to one that doesn’t use letters that contain islands. That’s all I can think of since your goal is to create a stencil. If you were just making a sign then you have options, but a word stencil without using a stencil font…

You might consider opening your own discussion on how to learn basic skills for creating designs, vs. hijacking someone’s thread showcasing their work.

Thanks! I can’t adjust the style of font as they need it to be the same as their logo. They are wanting a stencil to use for the tops of cupcakes.

Will do, my apologizes.

Bought 4mil Mylar. On the Glowforge Plus, I changed the power to 20, otherwise it burnt the Mylar and there was some Melting.

How did the art project go?

Are you able to tell me what thickness of Mylar you used? My art teacher is looking to make stencils and I’ve seen many different thicknesses mentioned.

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The person you have addressed has not been active on the forum for several years, so you may not get an answer. There are many posts in the forum regarding successful stencil making if you utilize the search function. In addition to mylar, some people have made quick, cheap stencils with cardstock.

7.5 mil mylar:)