Mylar stencil cutout



glowforge stencilling :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone have the specs or any tips on cutting mylar stencils for painting?



Wonderful sentiment!

(Btw, with mylar you can sometimes get away with near-negligible supports for the inside of stencil bits. Or just turn it into a screen.)


@stencil couple of questions. If you don’t mind sharing.

Is this Hobby lobby or from other source? What thickness?
How did you secure to bed?
Settings used please?

I haven’t had a chance to test myself the sheets I got from hobby lobby but this looks very similar.


If you search for “mylar settings” in the Beyond the Manual section (the only place where non-PG settings are allowed), I think there are some posts there that will get you started. :slight_smile:


Also, you may want to pick up some repositionable adhesive.


I have used
7.5 mil mylar -
magnet to secure the bed -

thickness - 0.01
speed - full
power - 50/55
focus - auto

To get more cleaner stencil, I would say 4 mil stencil should work more effectively with GF which i have ordered them here -

I will try and post it soon .

Happy Crafting :slight_smile:


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I’d say you nailed the stencil @stencil!

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I really like the font that you chose. Haven’t seen that one before. :grin:


Can I use this to screen print a t-shirt? Thanks


Yes, check how :

Photo Emulsion Kit (includes emulsion remover) -
Screen Printing Ink (white) -
Squeegee (multiple sizes) -

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Love the font … and the saying!



I have used .001 Frisket film. Score at speed 250 and power 1 (yes, just 1). It cuts the film and not the backer. That also works for the high tack version. Make cuts at 500/50. It really needs low tack transfer paper or you can rip the film. The adhesive sticks well to textured surfaces. I had to move up to .004 Adhesive Mylar from Stencil Ease using 250/9 score to cut the film. 500/75 for cutting. This is tough enough to be reused and no transfer tape needed.


Thanks so much! I am a newbie!