Mysterium game box insert

Pretty proud of this–I designed a custom insert for a boardgame called Mysterium. It fits the base game plus the expansion I have.

Top level

With top removed; bottom level

I also did some fun engravings on this tray. :slight_smile:


I love this! I want to get into game box inserts too!

Can you share some of the process you went through, or any issues you ran into?


Sure! One issue I had this time was that for some reason when I exported my finished files, they exported at the wrong size (the “responsive” box was somehow checked which changed the output proportions, so double check that–at least if you’re using Illustrator. I did not have this problem previously, but maybe it changed and auto-checked it when it upgraded to the latest version maybe?) So I wasted a sheet cutting everything way too small. Easily fixable, but it took me a hot second to figure out what went wrong.)

My process, very simply, was (1) measure basically everything in the box and the inside of the box itself, (2) start with the biggest pieces and lay things out on graph paper, (3) be sure to account for the thickness of your materials and also to account for the space of the game board & rulebook, (4) start laying in how much room you have for different boxes and see how you can make everything fit. You have to plan in 3D, so also account for height and stacking items.


Love it! And I love Mysterium - it’s so HARD to give the right clues to the right people.

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Nicely done.

Love the engrave details. really makes takes it up a few notches.

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Thanks! Yeah, it’s a very fun game, though it can certainly be frustrating (in a fun way, haha)

Cool. I didn’t know there was an expansion. We have Mysterium. Played once and now my husband refuses to play. Have to see if I can convince the kids!


This is one of my families favorite games. I have been thinking about making some game box inserts as well. I think you just inspired my first version.


I think there are two, actually; I have Hidden Signs, but I believe there’s also one called Secrets and Lies.

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Very nicely done.

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