Mystery Puzzle Box

So I downloaded and printed the Mystery Puzzle Box. However, since you can’t seem to edit the file, how does one print the long narrow strips that are glued to the box as shown in the pictures? Am I blind in one eye and unable to see out of the other? Also, if we add our own artwork to the centre section, how do we find the exact dimensions? Thanks in advance.

When you have a part selected in the GFUI, click the little ruler icon at the bottom left to open the precision placement menu, and it will tell you the size and allow you to adjust it.

I haven’t made the puzzle box, but I would think the strips would be included. There are four files in total, if I recall correctly. Did you look in all of them?


There are multiple files for the box. One for the box, one for the strips, and one for the center. As to making your own center, you can use the GFUI to figure out the dimensions of the square.


Thanks all…just realized there is a file #2…don’t I feel sheepish?

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