Nail polish storage

i love nail art, and therefore have a ton of nail polish (and etceteras). when i recently moved i got a smaller room to live in, but i find that a lot of times that causes me to get more creative :slight_smile: i bought the lillången cabinet from ikea because it’s skinny but tall. great for the space in my room, not great for fitting stuff inside.

in comes the glowforge - i created custom stacking, divided boxes that now house my large polish collection.

here’s the box by itself. clear so i can see the beautiful colors! the inner dividers get bigger from one side to another to accommodate different sized bottles and maximize usage.

here’s a full one (of many)! you can see the labels on the top - that had been my solution when they lived in a drawer (since the top was all you could see).

inside the cabinet! (you can see the carboard test version on the shelf below the polish :wink: )

closeup of the boxes.

i love seeing the polishes - but i’m running into the problem of not seeing what colors are behind the first row. i was thinking about cutting a thin strip similar to the long-side divider and placing it at the front with swatches on it. i think color coding would help too - but i have the potential problem of the spaces being different and all of one color might not fit in the same section (if that makes sense).

if anyone has any better suggestions - i would love to hear them!


Nice solution … You will no doubt wake up in the middle if the night with an idea to solve your problem of not seeing the rear polishes.

When you get markers or paints … You crate grids for test swatches of the colors. Maybe do one to lay on top, or stand beside the tray?


Not sure how deep you’re stacking your bottles, but a mirror (or mirrored acrylic) on the back wall might help you guess what color is pushed farthest to the back.


Nice solution to your stacking problem. The other problem could have many possible solutions but fall apart when you buy a new bottle.


Cool! There is something so pretty about a bottle of nail polish. I can see why you like to look at them.


Odd subject for me.
My wife has ONE BOTTLE of nail polish.

So begs some questions.
Is she an underachiever?
Has she transitioned to Nail Polish Zen?
Is she bipolar about THAT color?

Something to ponder and ask her about one day when I feel like having an argument.

edit: I probably know the answer since if she is using nail polish then I probably have on a tie and shoes that shine.


Chuckle! I keep a bottle of clear around here and that’s it…it’s useful for strengthening threads in buttons to keep from losing them at the Dry Cleaners.

But nail art is definitely a thing.

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I have a theory…
It’s a sign of great intelligence when you have a hubby that looks like this and own little to no nail polish. (Says the lady with absolutely zero nail polish :rofl:)



Does he have any?

I steal my wife or daughter’s so I can lock nuts in place on the car or other mechanical things :smile:

I’d have to buy my own if they didn’t have a stash. :frowning:


I was looking at some of the more exotic nail polish colors and thinking “What a great thing to use to paint earrings!” And for a person into nail art they could have earrings that matched their nails every day.


:stuck_out_tongue: Nope, not a one. I have bought a bottle or two for marking plastic dog tracking collars though. :dog2: On a kinda related note, the few thingies of makeup buried in my bathroom are from my wedding 26 yrs ago. (Hey, does that stuff go bad?) Hubby is a Chef and while he can occasionally try his hand at mechanical stuff, just not really in his wheelhouse lol. But now that you mention it, I might go get some polish for projects around the house.

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