Namaste lightbox: Finished!

A buddy of mine asked if I could make a yoga / mandala shadowbox / lightbox for Christmas. I, of course, said I’d see what I can do. This is where we’re at so far. Five layers with one layer being a sheet of clear acrylic that I’m going to frost, then put a color changing LED strip behind it. Just waiting on the LED lights to come in so I can see how many “spacers” are needed for the back to fit the battery box. It’s coming along nicely though and I’m sure his wife will love it once it’s finished :slight_smile:

OH, it’s also about 16" wide by 11"ish tall

I still have the masking material on the clear acrylic layer, but I found a super small LED strip that I had and gave it a little test to see a bit more proof of concept. It’s coming along!

Finally got this bad boy finished and delivered to the new owners. They haven’t opened it yet, so I’ll have to wait until after Christmas to post pictures on my Facebook page, but you all can see it now!
Several layers of draftboard with a layer of acrylic. LED Strip lights surround the entire inside frame. Covered the back in black felt and it actually covered up the hinge I made with black duct tape :slight_smile: Kind of cheating, maybe, but it works! Let me know what you all think! I’m pretty proud of this piece. Never made anything like it. If it wasn’t for one of my best friends, not sure if I would make another lol


How very nice! She’s going to love it.


I’ll be sure to post pictures once it’s all finished :slight_smile:

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Hey all! Just updated the post with finished product pictures and a little video. Let me know what you think!