Name Christmas Ornament

Does anyone know of a good tutorial to show how to create a wood ornament with the name cut out on the inside?


Not really, but there are lots of discussions about cutting out text and joining shapes.

Building an ornament like that is pretty trivial once you know how to do the fundamentals of those skills. I’d suggest searching the forum all about whatever vector program you’re using. like “inkscape text” or “illustrator text”.

Thanks! I have the ornament built just not sure to do the inside word cutout.

Have you worked thru the tutorials?

I have unless I missed where it showed how to cut out letters.

Maybe this will help:

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Not a bad tutorial, I mean there are lots of ways to do it, I prefer stroke to path for the ring, etc, but this isn’t bad. +1 google skills point to @marthajackson1970

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Thanks it did help!

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What do you mean “stroke to path method”?

@Jules did a tutorial a while back that might help:

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Searching for “stroke to path” in the forum…

And a very direct explanation of this very situation:

Double previously :slight_smile:

Thanks! Very helpful!

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Are you using Inkscape? Type your text, object to path, combine, union, difference.